How to Set Notepad++ as Default Editor in Windows

Notepad is the default text editor in Windows. Any text file (*.txt) by default opens in Notepad. What if you want to open these files in Notepad++? That makes your editing experience good.  Let me show you how you can set Notepad++ as the default editor.

1. Make Notepad++ Default by (Choose default program…)

Now, let’s make Notepad++ the default program for these text files.

Select the file and right-click to the context menu. Select menu Open with and Choose default program…

Choose default program

In  Next WIndows, make sure Use this app for all *.txt file is checked. Click more option.

use this app for all .txt files

Select Notpead++ from it.

select notepad++

The file should get opened in Notepad++ as shown below.

file opened in Notepad++

You can see the default program got changed for it. Whenever you open the .txt file it will get opened in Notepad++.

2. Make Notepad++ Default by (Opens With..)

This is another method.

Right-click on the file and choose properties.

File Properties


Chahge  the opens with button

Click change button

Maje syre toi open it

Select Notepad++ as option

Default get changed

Defualt program gets changed

Now, just double click on this file and you can see the files get opened in Notepad++.

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