Zoom in and Zoom out in Notepad++

The graphical user interface of Notepad++ is neat and clean. The text is easily readable. The default font is Courier new with a size 10. This should be perfect for many. If you want to increase the font, you can do it using the tip mentioned in this document.

But sometimes, you just want to Zoom a text for the time being. Although I never used this feature,  Notepad++ provides options to Zoom in, Zoom Out, and restore to default zoom. You also have keyboard shortcuts for quick action.

Open Notepad++ and go to Zoom Menu.

  1. Zoom In (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Up)   –> Ctrl+Num+
  2. Zoom Out (Ctrl+Mouse Wheel Down) –> Ctrl+Num-
  3. Restore Default Zoom –>Ctrl+Num /

Zoom Menu in Notepad++

Let’s see how zoom in and Zoom Out works in Notepad++

Below is the text in Normal Zoom.

Normal Text in Notepad++

Zoom In

Open Notepad++ and go to View -> Zoom → Zoom in. You can also use CTRL+ Mouse up or CTRL + Num + to Zoom in.

Zoom in Notepad++

Zoom-in is basically making things larger or closer. The text will look larger.

Zoom Out

Open Notepad++ and go to View -> Zoom → Zoom Out. You can also use CTRL+ Mouse whee down or CTRL + Num – to Zoom out.

Zoom out in Notepad++

Zoom out is basically making things smaller or far. The text will look smaller.

Alternatively, you can also use the glass icon on the main toolbar, You have both for Zoon and Zoom as well. Different them using the + and – symbol appended.

Zoom in and Out Toolbar in Notepad++

This is a great feature, but how to restore the default Zoom?

Restore Default Zoom

Open Notepad++ and go to View -> Zoom → Restore default zoom. You can also use CTRL + Num – / keyboard shortcut.

Zoom Out in Notepad++

This option resets the Zoom to bring it back to the original.


This is a very easy-to-use feature and may come in handy in circumstances where you want to zoom text temporarily without changing the setup.

Have you ever used this? Do let me know in the comments section below.

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