Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts you should know

Chrome Keyword Shortcuts

Google Chrome provides keyboard shortcuts which are a key or combination of keys on the keyboard which helps you to perform the common tasks like opening a new tab, page, scrolling page, etc. There are many, let’s see all the chrome keyboard shortcuts in this article.

Chrome Keyboard Shortcuts

Does browsers are also having keyboard shortcuts?

You are already using some of those. e.g you open Chrome browser and type atechtown and press CTRL+ Enter and Chrome browser automatically converts it to Working on many tabs, use CTRL+ Tab key to toggle different tabs.

These all the shortcuts which make your job easy. There are not the only, there are many shortcuts.

You can easily check common shortcuts by clicking on Tools( 3 verticle dots) button.

Ctrl+ Enter – As mentioned above this appends www in the beginning and .com at the end of the entered string in the address bar.

Page Up – Scroll page upward. It scrolls the entire page

Page Down – Scroll page downward. It scrolls the entire page

Up Arrow – Scroll page upward.

Down Arrow – Scroll page downward

Ctrl+ T – Open a new tab

Ctrl+ N – Open a new window

Ctrl+ Shift+ N – Open incognito window

Ctrl+ T – Open a new tab

Ctrl+ N – Open a new window

Ctrl+ Shift+ N – Open incognito window

Ctrl+ H – Open history window

Ctrl+ Shift+ J – Open recently closed window

Ctrl+ J – Open downloads window

Ctrl+ D – Bookmark this page

Ctrl+ Shift+ D – Open bookmark pages

Ctrl+ Shift+ B – Show bookmarks bar

Ctrl+ Shift+ O – Bookmark Manager

Ctrl+ P – Open Print Window

Ctrl+ F – Open a find box

Ctrl+ S – Save as

Ctrl+ Shift+ Del – Clear browsing data

Shift+ Esc – Task manager

Ctrl+ Shift+ I – Developer Tools

Alt+ Shift+ I – Report and issue

Ctrl+ Shift+ Q – Exit

Do you think using shortcuts helps to improve your browsing experiance? Do let me know in comments section below.

If you like to see all the shortcuts chrome supports, visit this support article.