How to set Chrome as default Browser

Setting Google Chrome as a default Browser is very easy. There are three methods to do it, one is while installing you can make it default and other using default programs functionality available in Windows or using Chrome Settings page.

Let’s see how to do it.

Set Chrome as Default Browser

The best and easiest way to make chrome a default browser is during installation itself. Just download chrome from here and during installation, select yes when installation wizard asks you to set a default browser to yes.

But if you haven’t selected that option during installation, You can use this guide.

Chrome Browser Settings

Chrome setting allows you to control the behavior of the browser like appearance, search engine, proxy settings, etc. Here you will find the setup to make Chrome default browser.

Open the Chrome browser and click on the Settings. Either search settings or scroll down to locate Default Browser Setup.

Click Make default button as shown in the below image.

make chrome default browser from settings

As soon as you click the button, the label changes to Google Chrome is your default browser, and Make Default button disappears.

Windows Control Panel

This another method where we are going to use the Default Program control option available under the Windows control panel. Default Program options allow setting default programs for different kinds of files in Windows including Web Browser.

Click on Windows Start and Search for Control Panel. Here you can see link Default Programs as shown below. Click to open it.

Windows Control Panel

Select Set your default programs.

Control Panel set your default programs

Select Google Chrome and set this program as default option.

set chrome as default browser

That’s it.

Now wherever you open any web page, it will get opened in Google Chrome.


Both the methods discussed above are easy and helps you to set a default browser. I would recommend it to do it when you install Chrome browser.