Which are the Keyboard Shortcuts available in Notepad++?

Notepad++ Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyword Shortcuts are basically a keyboard key or combination of multiple keys that allows you to access a function/menu quickly without using a mouse. Most of the application provides the shortcuts for a common operation which adds speed/efficiency.

In this article, I am going to list down the default Keyword Shortcuts available in Notepad++. You can change/customize these using Shortcut Mapper available under the Settings menu.

Notepad ++ Keyword Shortcuts

Notepad++ an efficient, powerful, and open-source text editor supports keyword shortcuts for a common operation. There are hundreds of shortcuts available including the most common Ctrl C and Ctrl V.

Let’s check some important ones below.

File Menu

Below are shortcuts under the file menu.

Ctrl+ N Create new document
Ctrl+ O Open existing document
Ctrl+ S Save the active document
Ctrl+ Alt+ S Save the active document as
Ctrl+ Shift+ S Save all active documents
Ctrl+ W Close active document
Ctrl+ P Print the active document
Ctrl+ Shift+ T Restore recent closed document
Alt+ F4 Exit

Edit Menu

Below are shortcuts under the edit menu.

Ctrl+ Z Undo
Ctrl+ Y Redo
Ctrl+ X Cut
Ctrl+ C Copy
Ctrl+ V Paste
Del Delete selected text
Ctrl+ A Select All
Alt+ C Column editor


Tab Increase Line Indent
Shift+ Tab Decrease Line Indent


Ctrl+ Shift+ U Upper Case
Ctrl+ U Lower Case

Line Operations

Ctrl+ D Duplicate current line
Ctrl+ I Split Line
Ctrl+ J Join Lines
Ctrl+ Shift+ UP Move up current line
Ctrl+ Shift+ Down Move down current line
Ctrl+ Alt+ Enter Insert blank line above the current
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ Enter Insert blank line below the current


Ctrl+ Q Toggle single line comment
Ctrl+ K Single line comment
Ctrl+ Shift+ K Single line uncomment
Ctrl+ Shift+ Q Block comment


Ctrl+ Spacebar Function completion
Ctrl+ Enter Word completion
Ctrl+ Shift+ Spacebar Function parameters hint
Ctrl+ Alt+ Spacebar Path completion


Ctrl+ F Find
Ctrl+ Shift+ F Find in files
F3 Find next
Shift+ F3 Find previous
Ctrl+ Shift+ F3 Select and find previous
Ctrl+ Alt+ F3 Find(volatile) next
Ctrl+ Shift+ Alt+ F3 Find(Volatile) previous
Ctrl+ H Replace
Ctrl+ Alt+ I Incremental search
F7 Search result window
F4 Next search result
Shift+ F4 Previous search result
Ctrl+ G Go to
Ctrl+ B Go to matching brace
Ctrl+ Alt+ B Select all between matching brace


Ctrl+ F2 Toggle bookmark
F2 Next bookmark
Shift+ F2 Previous bookmark


F11 Toggle full screen mode
F12 Post-it
F8 Focus on another view
Alt+ H Hide lines
Alt+ 0 Fold all
Alt+ Shift+ 0 Unfold all
Ctrl+ Alt+ F Collapse current level
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ F Uncollapse current level
Ctrl+ Alt+ R Text direction RTL
Ctrl+ Alt+ L Text direction LTL


Ctrl+ Num+ + Zoom in (Ctrl + Mouse wheel up)
Ctrl+ Num+ – Zoom out (Ctrl + Mouse wheel down)
Ctrl+ Num+ / Restore default zoom


Ctrl+ Shift+ P Playback
Alt+ Shift+ S Trim trailing and save


F5 Run…
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ X Launch in Firefox
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shit+ I Launch in IE
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ R Launch in Chrome
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ F Launch in Safari
Alt+ F1 Get PHP help
Alt+ F2 Google Search
Alt+ F3 Wikipedia Search
Alt+ F5 Open file
Alt+ F6 Open in another instance
Ctrl+ Alt+ Shift+ O Send via Outlook

There is a complete document available on Lists of default mouse and keyboard shortcuts for Notepad++ and some plugins.