Windows Snipping Tool is default program starting from Windows Vista to take the screenshot. It is a free and basic tool which allows you take a screenshot of an active window and do basic annotation and modification. You can save the snip image as .jpeg. .png file type

As a Blogger we take multiple screenshots for the article, right?

You use Print Screen keyword button to take the screenshot of the entire screen. Then use Microsoft paint to crop and edit it.

There are third-party free and paid tools like the awesome screenshot, Snagit, etc. also available in the market to choose from with good feature. Instead, I would recommend this snipping tool if your only requirement is to take quick snips.

Windows Snipping Tool is very handy and easy to use to take the screenshot. I am sure you will love it…..!!!

In this article, let’s see how to use Windows Snipping Tool to take the screenshot and do basic annotation.

Start snipping tool

No need to install Windows Snipping tool. It is available by default. Click on Windows Start Button and search for snipping tool. Click on it and it will start a small toolbar window as shown below.

windows snipping tool toolbar

Snipping Tool Toolbar Explained in Details

This small toolbar provides the option to take snip with 3 command buttons New, Cancel and Options.

New Button – New is a drop box. Click on the arrow to see additional options.

  • Free-form snip – this allows you take a free-form snip. Click on it and it will open a Free form selection. Highlight and select the required area in the shape you want.
  • Rectangular snip – This allows you to take snip in rectangular form.
  • Window snip – This allows you to take a snip of the active window.
  • Full-screen snip – Capture entire screen.

Cancel – This cancels the snipping operation

Options – Click this menu and it opens a small option box as shown below.

windows snipping tool options

  • Hide instruction text – These options hide the instruction text shown on the main toolbar.
  • Always copy snips to Clipboard
  • Include URL below snips (HTML only)
  • Prompt to save snips before exiting
  • Show screen overlay when Snipping Tool is active.
  • Ink Color
  • Show Selection ink after snips are captured

How to use the snipping tool

Take Snip

Let’s see how to use snipping tool. Just start snipping tool and click on new. I am selecting rectangular snip. As soon as you click New and overlay covers the screen.

Select the required portion of the screen using the mouse pointer and release it. It capturs the selected portion and open in a window as shown below.

windows snipping tool edit

This window you can use to do basic annotation.

Annotate the snip

After complete the snip, it opens a window with a snip. This window allows you to do basic edition and annotating the snip.

windows snipping tool edit details


You can use Pen and Highlighter to highlight respective portion. Eraser allows you to erase the annotations. Note it does not erase anything on the main image.

Post editing you can either save the snip or email it using send button in the toolbar. You can save snip as PNG, GIF, JPE or HTMl type.

You can also use edit- copy to copy snip to the clipboard and paste it any other application.

Final Word

If you are only looking to take snip and do basic annotation, Windows snipping tool is a best and easy to use option.

Do let me know which tool you use to take snip in the comments section below?


Windows Snipping Tool – Features and How to Use [Complete Guide]


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