The Linux Top Command

In Linux, there are commands for everything. There is even one that will help us monitor the system in a basic way. That is why we will examine the Linux top command. The top command is used to monitor a Linux system from the terminal. With this command, you can know the CPU load, RAM …

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How to Install Wine on Linux

Wine (originally an acronym for “Wine Is Not an Emulator”)  is an execution layer that allows applications developed for Windows to run on Linux, macOS, & BSD. So you come from Windows and you need an application that is not available for Linux, Wine is for you. Wine translates Windows API calls into POSIX calls …

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The Linux curl command

This article explains what is cURL command in Linux and How to use it with examples. cURL command in Linux cURL is a cross-platform utility that comes installed on most Linux distributions. Basically, it is used to transfer files from a server but without user intervention. This means that once it is executed and we …

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