The Linux Top Command

In Linux, there are commands for everything. There is even one that will help us monitor the system in a basic way. That is why we will examine the Linux top command. The top command is used to monitor a Linux system from the terminal. With this command, you can know the CPU load, RAM …

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How to Install Wine on Linux

One of the main obstacles that many users coming from Windows to Linux face is the impossibility of installing certain Windows Applications. A clear example is Microsoft Office which is not available for Linux. While it is true that LibreOffice Writer is a solid alternative, it is also true that it is not Microsoft Word. …

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The Linux curl command

This article explains what is cURL command in Linux and How to use it with examples. cURL command in Linux cURL is a cross-platform utility that comes installed on most Linux distributions. Basically, it is used to transfer files from a server but without user intervention. This means that once it is executed and we …

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