Hoping you have successfully installed WordPress. If not, visit the post to read step by step installation guide. Now time to write the first blog post.

Login to WordPress

Login to your blog using admin username and password specified during installation. The URL is like www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin.

DO NOT USE admin as a username for your blog.


Enter username and password and click Log In. You land up on WordPress Admin Dashboard. This dashboard is easy to understand. It shows all the control in verticle menu bar like a post, media, pages, comments. Click each menu to work on respective function. Here we a\want to see how to write blog post and publish it.


Edit existing Blog Post

WordPress by default creates sample post, page and comment. Navigate to Dashboard -> Posts -> All Posts to check blog posts.


You can Edit, Quick Edit, Trash and View the post from here. As it is default post created by WordPress you can delete it or edit it.

Navigate to Dashboard -> All Posts -> Add new to create new post. Enter the necessary content of the post and hit publish to post it.


  • My First Post – It is heading to your post.
  • Save Draft – Save it as a draft. It does not publish the post. It is just draft you can edit it later if required.
  • Preview – It allows to preview post before publishing it.
  • Move to Trash – move the post to the trash folder.
  • Publish – It publishes your post to site so that your audience can read it
WordPress – Writing first blog post
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