Google Drive

Google Drive is online storage solution by Google, Inc. You can use Google Drive to store any kind of files like Photos, Documents, Videos and anything.

Google provides free storage 15GB on Google Drive to each user. Yes, you read it correctly. It is free and 15 GB storage and it is offered by none other than Google.

Why am I writing this post?

Recently I lost my cell phone Motorola MOTO G. I lost entire data including some Videos, Photos. The only mistake I did, not backing up my data on any other offline or an online storage. I even did not sync up my contacts with Google.

Foolish, isn’t it? I hope I am the only one.

Don’t repeat my mistake, backup your data regularly either offline on storage like Hard Disk, Pen Drive or any other physical storage or online storage. There are different options like Dropbox, Amazon Cloud, Microsoft One Drive, etc. Google Drive is one of the options.

Google Drive allows storing data up to 15 GB without any cost. If you want more space you can always opt for a paid plan and get more storage.

Google Drive

Google Drive is online storage solution by Google, Inc. You can use Google Drive to store any kind of files like Photos, Documents, Videos and anything. The best part here is, it is always with you wherever you go. You can easily access google drive on the cell phone, tab, etc. You always have access to your files, of course, the condition is you should have internet connectivity.

Your Gmail data is also stored on Google Drive. Google offers solutions like Google apps using which you can create documents, presentations, excel sheets on the go and store it on the Google Drive and use it anytime and anywhere. Don’t worry about security, it is 100% secure, uses same SSL protocol to communicate on the network. Your data is safe and backed up.

There are other good solutions like Microsoft One Drive, DropBox, Microsoft Azure and Amazon cloud. You should check those as well.

The only advantage I see here is Google has an imaginary fence around us. Android, Gmail, Google Apps, Google Search. I myself use Google search and Gmail multiple times. So it makes sense to have Google Drive as one more application to use which is integrated with other Google apps. The Other vendor also provides good solutions, maybe I will write a good article on it.

How to access Google Drive?

Google provides single sign-on for all of the services it offers. You can use same username and password to access Google Drive as well.

It is risky. You have a common key for all your accounts. Make sure key is secure. Use two-step verification sign in.

Read:- Using Two-Step Verification Authentication

Navigate to Google Drive page enter username and password.

Below is the screenshot from my Google drive dashboard.


What if I need more than 15GB?

15GB is less for someone who enjoys taking photos, videos. You can always upgrade to a premium plan.

100GB is huge space and it cost you only $1.99/month.


How am I using Google Drive?

I am using Google Drive free option to back up my Blog. I have consumed 250 MB space till now for 30+ article, so 15 GB should be good for another 300 to 400 article. Beyond that I will go for Google drive premium version


You can read article to see how to backup blog using Updraftplus and Google Drive

Go ahead and use free storage 15GB provided by Google Drive.

I hope you found this article helpful, please do let me know which storage solution you use.

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