How to Start and Stop Oracle Managed Servers in Oracle EBS 12.2 Version

Oacore is web application services to manage the Oracle Weblogic server. Oacore is used to provide core functionality in Oracle E-Business Suite application tier Java code, including OAF-based functionality for Oracle E-Business Suite products. In Oracle EBS suite you can define n numbers of oacore based on the hardware and uses of your application.

When you come across any issue related to the oacore you may have to restart the oacores. There are two different ways to restart the managed servers.

In EBS 12.2 you can use Weblogic console and do maintenance activities of Admin Server and Managed Servers.

However, most DBA’s find themselves comfortable using putty to manage oacore.

Steps to Restart oacores using PUTTY

  1. Source the environment file.

ex. TEST.env

TEST – SID of your database



3. Use below command to stop the oacore_server1 (here we can have multiple oacores ex- oacore_server1, oacore_server2 etc)

./ stop oacore_server1

4.  Enter WebLogic password

5.  Check the logs whether it is stopped successfully or not.

6.  Once you get confirmation that oacore is stopped you can now issue the command to start it.

./ start oacore_server1

Enter the weblogic password and check output log file.

In this simple way you can easily start and stop the managed servers.

There is another way to use start and stop the oacore using weblogic console.

Steps to Restart oacores using WebLogic Console

  1. Log in to WebLogic console using the url.
  2. Goto Servers
  3. Click on Control
  4. Select oacore from the table which need to be restarted.
  5. Click on Force Shutdown
  6.  Monitor the State of the oacore from the same console until it shows “SHUTDOWN”
  7. Once it get shutdown you can again select the same ocore and click on START.
  8. Confirm the status of the oacore from the same table.

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