Why Blog not getting traffic? Mistakes I did, you should not

Started a Blog and dedicatedly working on it, still, your website not getting enough traffic?

This is a common question asked on shoutmeloud forum. Everyday new young blogger joins blogging and writes some articles. Most of the time their motivation is quick money. They jump in this field by checking the Blog earnings, Adsense earning. The basic thought is if they can do it, why not me?

Here I am also not an exception, Okay? After a year I also in same situation less organic search traffic.

It is more than a year I am writing on this site with some good real-world article. Believe me, there are some articles written last year, they are not even showing in Google Search console Impressions.

Why So?

Many said about Keyword Research, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on-site and off-site.. and lots of things. But here I am just sharing some silly mistakes that I did as a beginner which did not help my site at all. You would already aware of all these stuff, but may have implemented wrong and ended up losing traffic.

Please read below disclaimer before reading ahead.

Disclaimer:- I am not an SEO expert, not selling e-book or course. If you are looking for killer tips for getting traffic to your site, then please this article is not for you. This is just what I have read and experienced in one year of my blogging journey.

Last year was tough, many times I even though of quitting it. It is taking a lot of time and not adding any value to users and not even me. I am not getting enough traffic. Forget about earning I even don’t think it is reaching the intended audience. I receive some comments but those are irrelevant, spam and mostly to get the comments backlink.

So let me start putting mistakes and how I am solving now to get some decent traffic to this blog.

Target is to reach at least 30K visitors per month by next 6 months, else I will quit.

Good and relevant titles which make sense

Title of the post plays an important role. It tells user and Google Search bot about the topic you are going to cover. It should be appropriate. This was a title of one of the blog post.

Blog Makeover using Premium Theme. Wow, nice title. Isn’t it?

Believe me, this post never got any visits and not even shown on Google Search Console impression. Why?

Come on, who is going to search this in a Google search. Do you use such fancy polished word while searching? No right? Such titles are good for click bait type of site to get social traffic but not for those who depend on the Organic search like me. I am not that much active on social sites so not getting any social traffic.

So you may ask, what should be proper title then?

Let’s assume you just installed WordPress and now want to have some good look and feel to your site using some themes. So how are you going to search on Google?

It’s simple. It is, How to install a theme? Ways to install a theme, right? So use such variations as a title.

So moral of the story is do not use royal words in titles. Most of the users do not use it in common English. This is one of most important thing of your blog. Your title should give the first impression of the content of the article and you should wring only for that title.

Giving title pqr and writing about abc will not help you. Though Google is smart, it can read the content and show your page in the search result, but it may take time. One of my articles featured on the first page after 6 to 8 months. For quick traffic, you should write for that title.

Just now I have changed the title and wrote content which is inline with it. I may not get enough visit as there are a lot of high authority site talking about it. But, let’s see… I am optimistic, will at least get some share from Google.

Keyword Research

I never did Keyword Search. My Blog is coding and tutorial blog and I am sharing what I know. But yes, I also want some traffic at the end of the day to cover my blog expense and appreciation for the time I put in creating articles.

So Keyword research is also important even your site in tutorials or coding niche.

Just to give an example you want to write about a topic say How to submit concurrent program. Simply go to google search and enter that term. It gives you what people are searching and with what words. so that you can fine tune article covering all aspect of it. This will also give you an idea about the title of the article.

See below image.

google search suggestion

Keyword Stuffing

Keyword stuffing means using the same keyword repeatedly again and again which is not as per the natural language.

In one of my article, I used Cloudflare word 3 to 4 time. My intention was, Google should make the conclusion that I am talking about Cloudflare. But this backfired. that post penalized for keyword stuffing. It is simple, even in common language we do not use the noun, again and again, Refer it to it, he, she … but do not repeat the same keyword again and again.

Check below paragraph, Cloudflare is used 4 times, ideally, it should have been used only once. Further, as it, or any proper pronoun.

Keyword stuffing

Check below modified paragraph. Cloudflare is used once only. After one week this article was at least visible in Google Search Impression.

keyword stuffing removed

Meta Keywords

This is another mistake I did. Google does not give any importance to this meta keyword, but in beginning, I enabled it. Considering the fact that other search engine may consider it. Other search engine share is very less. Most of the user use Google Search Engine only. It should be fine to use meta keywords but what I ended up doing keyword stuffing there.

I wrote an article on XAMPP. I repeated this XAMPP word in 10 times in Meta Keywords. Instead of helping it, I got penalized and that article never featured in search impressions even it indexed.

meta keyword stuffing

What did I do? I disabled Meta Keyword. Hoping that article should come at least in google search result, not on the first page but at least it should be there in search.

So that’s it. I will keep updating this document with whatever I learn.

Again, guys, I am not SEO expert, this is just my experience.


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