How to Secure Google Account Using 2 Step Verification Authentication

‪‪Multi-factor authentication or 2-step authentication allows you to add additional layer of security to your email account like gmail, yahoo, etc. It safeguards your accounts from unauthorize access or Hacking. Hacking is the biggest threat in today’s online world. Hackers are getting smarter day by day. In recent times, there was news of email hacking of some influential people around the world. It can happen to anyone and it could put you in financial loss or sometimes in an embarrassing situation.

Hackers are in search of information they could exploit to get some financial benefits. It is like burglary in your house. We use email for almost everything now, credit card statement, bank statements, etc. Even if you are not the influential person it is must to secure your information.

Let’s take an example of this site. It is just a Technical Blog, still, there have been multiple attempts made to intrude it.

In this article, I will cover 2-step verification or sometimes called as two-factor or multi-factor authentication for your email. You can use this method even for WordPress login, Facebook. Many application supports this authentication method.

Below are some of the easy ways to secure your email.

  • Use strong password
  • It should be complex and easy to remember. It should not have your name, Date of Birth, Your wife name or common sequence which is easy to guess
  • Do not share, write or have the same password for all your accounts.
  • Make sure to have separate emails for public and private use
  • Antivirus should be up to date on computer
  • Use additional methods provided by your email account provider to secure your email id.

2-Step Verification

With 2-Step Verification, you’ll protect your account with both your password and your phone. Here we will use Gmail which is google email service to demonstrate it, as it is widely used today. Same security measure would be available with your email providers as well.

Below is video which explains it.

Login to Google Account

Login to your account using URL. It shows the control panel for your account. Control panel provides option to set up,

  • Sign-in & Security
  • Personal Info& Privacy
  • Account Preference


Click on Sign-in & Security.


Check password & sign-in method card on next page. It shows information like when password changed, 2-step verification enabled or not. Please note by default it is disabled.


Enable 2-step verification

Here we need to enable 2-step verification. Click on it to get started, Google will again ask your password, enter it. It is 3 step process. Check your cell number if it is correct. Google sends the code to this number. You have the option to either receive a text message or phone call. Chose either.


Enter the code sent by Google


Setup complete. Click on Turn On and You are done.


That’s it and your setup is complete. You will always receive a text message from google whenever you try to login your account. You can Turn Off whenever you want.


So go ahead and Secure email using two-step verification. You also have the option to specify alternate email id, do use it. This email will help you to recover your account in case you lost your cell phone.

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