Questions and Answers on concurrent program in Oracle Apps

Concurrent program is one of the most important features in Oracle Apps. Here I am listing questions and answers on the concurrent program in Oracle Apps. It will definitely help you for Interview preparation.

What is a concurrent program and how to define it?

A concurrent program is a system job which accepts some inputs, executes business logic to achieve the required functionality. Multiple instances of the program can be run in simultaneously(concurrent) processing a different set of data and pointing to same executable. A Concurrent manager controls the execution of the concurrent program. Concurrent processing helps to effectively use hardware capacity.

Below are the steps to define concurrent program in Oracle Apps following below steps,

  • Create concurrent program execution file
  • Define executable
  • Define concurrent program
  • Register concurrent program with responsibility

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How to submit a concurrent program from back-end using PL/SQL?

Oracle Apps provides a built-in API fnd_request.submit_request to submit a concurrent program from back-end using PL/SQL.

Simple steps are,

Initialize Oracle apps context using fnd_global.apps_initialize and then call API fnd_request.submit_request. This API return request id if program submitted successfully else return 0.

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is it possible to submit a concurrent program from UNIX?

Yes. It is possible. CONCSUB in a utility provided by Oracle to submit a concurrent program from UNIX OS.

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What is MOAC in R12 and how it impacted concurrent programs?

MOAC stands for Multi-Org Access Control. This is a new feature introduced by Oracle in EBS R12 Release which allows users to see data of multiple operating units from a single responsibility.

As concurrent programs are also attached to responsibility Oracle added additional parameter Operating Unit while submitting the request from SRS form. Depending on the setup of the concurrent program it shows operating unit, which user has to choose before submitting concurrent program.

This operating unit mode setup is done from System Administrator Responsibility path is System Administration > Concurrent Programs.

Operating Unit Mode can have below values,

  • S – Single Org
  • M – Multi-Org
  • null

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is it possible to email output of the concurrent program, if yes, how?

Yes, it is possible. While submitting a concurrent request, select delivery options. It opens a form where you can choose the delivery option. Select email tab and enter all necessary information and submit the program.

Same can be achieved while submitting program from backend using fnd_request.add_delivery_option API.



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