Friday, 18 August 2017

PO_NOTES and PO_NOTE_REFERENCES replacement in Oracle Apps R12

PO_NOTES and PO_NOTE_REFERENCES tables are obsolete in Oracle Applications release 12. If you are upgrading Oracle Apps from 11i to R12, you need to replace these with equivalent tables in R12.

These objects are replaced by below table.

  • FND_DOCUMENTS – stores information about documents stored in a document repository.
  • FND_DOCUMENTS_LONG_RAW – stores images and OLE Objects, such as Word Documents and Excel spreadsheets, in the database.
  • FND_DOCUMENTS_LONG_TEXT – stores information about long text documents.
  • FND_ATTACHED_DOCUMENTS –  stores information relating a document to an application entity.
  • FND_DOCUMENTS_SHORT_TEXT – stores information about short text documents.



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