Password less connection using public and private SSH Key

This method support password-less connection to remote server. An encrypted key is stored both at client and server end which acts as a key to connect. A key stored at the client is called as private Key and Key stored at the server is the public key. You can use below article to generate the key.

How to generate private and public key using PuTTYgen

We are going to use Oracle cloud ERP server to demonstrate it. I have already entered public key while creating ERP instance.

Open Putty and enter the IP address of cloud server. Enter some valid name in Saved Session field and click on Save.


Click on Data node on the left sidebar. Oracle cloud provides 2 UNIX user opc and oracle. Enter username as opc in Auto-Login username field.


Expand SSH node and select Auth node. Here you need to enter the private ssh key as show below. Navigate to topmost session node and click on save. Putty will save this connection with name Oracle Cloud which you can use later.


Click on open. If you are connecting the first time, it will give you a warning saying that you are connecting to a remote server. Accept it and it saves server information in windows registry.

It automatically takes username stored in data node and logins to Oracle cloud using the pre-entered username. The passphrase is like ATM pin which you can set for additional security while creating the key. Make sure to remember it, if you forgot, there is no way to recover it.


That’s it and you are connected to Oracle cloud with secure ssh key without entering any password. It is really a good method which safeguards your connection with the remote server with an encrypted key.

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