Friday, 18 August 2017

Oracle Report Builder Crashes while opening a report

Working on Oracle Apps upgrade (11i–> R12)  project and retrofitting Oracle Reports from 6i to 10G.


  1. Open report builder 10g
  2. Connect to database
  3. Open a custom report
  4. Report builder goes in not responding stage and after sometime crashes.

What went wrong? You repeat above steps, still same, report builder is crashing.

Why So? What is the issue? How to resolve it?

There could be many reasons but most probably it happens due to dependency issue. When you open report builder, it checks dependent objects in the database, if those exists or not. If it does not find it, it crashes.

Follow below steps to resolve the issue.

Method 1: Use original report builder version

Open report builder in 6i and connect to 11i database. Identify all custom objects which report is using from your database and also the pll file. Create those object in R12. Now you can open report builder 1og and connect to r12 and open report.

What if you do not have old report builder version? There is workaround,

Method 2: Use original report builder version

Oracle RDF is a binary file. The code is not in readable format, but it does show package, table name in a readable format.

Open rdf in NOTEPADD+ and identify all the custom object which report is using and follow steps mentioned in method 1 to resolve the issue.

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