Oracle Application Express (APEX) – Admin/Developer Dashboard


Oracle Application Express has a simple Admin Dashboard with the following utilities.

  • App Builder
  • SQL Workshop
  • Team Development
  • Packaged Apps

Each of these utilities provides different utilities to a Developer/Admin. Let understand Oracle Apex Dashboard each in brief.

APP Builder


  • Create – create application like Desktop, Mobile, Websheet and Packaged App
  • Import – import another application to your workspace using this utility.
  • Dashboard –  it is a dashboard of your schema. It shows the number of Applications, Pages, Packaged Apps, Websheets. It also shows Developer Activities, Page Events, Page Count by Application and Most Active Pages in graphical format.
  • Workspace Utilities – It provides different options like,
    • App Builder Defaults – Define application settings, themes and globalization attributes.
    • Manage News – Manage news displayed on the Application Express home page and Team Development.
    • Workspace Themes – Manage workspace themes that can be utilized by any application within the workspace.
    • Application Groups – Organize applications into logical groups.
    • Application Express Views – Query the various views against Application Express metadata.
    • Export … – Export workspace components.

SQL Workshop


This is SQL editor where you can use it to interact with your schema.

  • Object Browser – It shows the list of all the objects in the database like tables, views, indexes, sequences, etc. You can create, modify these object using this interface.
  • SQL Commands – It is SQL Command interface where you can run queries like select, insert and all DDL/DML statements. It is like graphical user interface for SQL* Plus.
  • SQL Scripts – It is an interface to upload, execute SQL scripts. It maintains the history of all SQL scripts.
  • Utilities – It provides list of utilities like.
  • Data Workshop – Load and unload data using text files, XML, or a spreadsheet.
  • Query Builder – Build queries graphically by adding tables into a panel, and selecting columns to return.
  • Generate DDL – Generate scripts for all or selected database objects within a schema.
  • User Interface Defaults – Specify layout properties to consistently generate items/columns across pages and applications.
  • Methods on Tables – Generate API scripts for DML operations on specified tables.
  • About Database – Review database details. Note: A Database account granted the DBA role is required.
  • Object Reports – Access numerous reports on tables, exceptions, security, objects and PL/SQL code.
  • Database Monitor – Run database activity reports. Note: A Database account granted the DBA role is required.
  • Schema Comparison – Show differences between database objects in two different schemas.
  • Recycle Bin – Restore database objects that have been dropped.

Team Development


This utility is useful to track milestone, feature in the projects, To Dos, Bug Tracking and feedback. You can use it track application/project completion from scratch to development.

Packaged Apps


Oracle provides some packaged application for a learning purpose and also to show the capability of the tool.You can see the complete list of packaged application available. is used as a reference to write this article.

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