Oracle APEX Tutorial – Create an Application

In this tutorial, let’s create a simple application with a single page using Oracle Apex. Check below image this is what we are going to create now. An application is like a container or collection objects like page, lov, validation.


This tool is very easy and wizard-driven So let’s start.

1. Login to Oracle Apex workspace using username and password provided during registration. Below is the dashboard. Click on App builder.


2. Click on create button to create a new application.


3. Select type of application as desktop and click on Next. You have option to create Mobile, Websheet or Packaged App.


4. Select Schema, Name, Theme and Theme Style. For now, let it default. You just need to provide valid name to the application.


5. By default, it creates Home Page. You can add an additional page by using Add Page button. Do not create a page now and just click on Next.


6. Shared components are actually List of Values, images, etc. Select No and click Next.


7. Set the Authentication scheme, Language and other parameter related to date. Leave it as default for now and click Next.


8. That’s it. Below is your first application created in Oracle Apex. By default Oracle Apex creates 101-Login Page. Your page is 1-Home. Click on Run Application button.


9. It will ask for Workspace username and password. This is sample page.


This is the way you can create the application and page in Oracle Apex. Right now it has no content. But this article we will use as a base for next article where we will create reports, forms, dynamic actions and themes.

Keep watching this space for further tutorials on Oracle Application Express(Apex). Thanks for reading See you in next tutorial.

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