How to Clear the OA Framework cache in Oracle Apps

“Receivable Inquiry is not a valid responsibility for the current user. Please contact your System Administrator.”

Got this error. What did I do?

I just added this responsibility to my user and tried to navigate Customer OAF page. That’s it. What could be the reason for this, not valid responsibility issue?

Just did some research on Metalink and found this information. This could happen because of OA Framework Cache not refreshed or profile “Applications Start Page” set for the user.

Note: This error occurs for Web-HTML/OAF based responsibilities.

Clear the OA Framework cache

This is one of the best solutions and should definitely work. When you add responsibility to a user, sometime it may not be visible due to OA Framework cache not refreshed. You need to clear OA Framework Cache.

How to clear OA Framework Cache?

WARNING: Clearing the OA Framework cache in a PRODUCTION instance can cause data issues if multiple users are engaged and transacting data in the application at the time cache is cleared. So be careful…………..

Login to Oracle Applications and Navigate to Functional Administrator responsibility. It opens an OAF page as shown below.

OA framework cache core services

Click on Core Services.

oa framework cache core services

Click on Caching Framework

catching framework

Click on Clear All Cache. If you receive warning select Yes. Post that click Apply button.

oa framework clear cache


This clears the Middleware caching and you should see the newly added responsibility and can use it.

Reset Applications Start Page Profile

This is another reason for not a valid resp. The profile option ‘Applications Start Page’ was set for this user. This profile option provides a user an option to set a particular page as preferred start page when user log on.

Suppose, the responsibility referenced is end dated. The application could not find the responsibility/page and gives the error. To resolve this you need to clear the Applications Start Page profile option.

  1. Navigate to System Administrator-> Profile -> System
  2. Search ‘Applications Start Page’ for concerned user XX.
  3. Delete the value set at the user level and save.


Now log off and login again to check if it is working fine or not.


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