Install WordPress on Hostgator using Softaculous

Softaculous is Auto-installer tool used to install open source or commercial package like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal on the website. It eases the installation of all this software.

No Technical or Coding skill required.

Most of the hosting sites support automatic installation using an installer like Softaculous. It is a matter of few clicks using this tools.

Let’s see how to Install WordPress on Hostgator using the Softaculos auto installer.

You can install it manually by following below steps,

  • Download WordPress from WordPress site.
  • FTP files to hosting server using WinSCP or FileZilla.
  • Create MYSQL database using PHP admin.
  • Create wp-config.php file.

Does it sound little tedious?

Yes, then why not follow automatic meths using Softaculous.

Install WordPress using Softaculous

The method is same across all hosting provider. We will use Hostgator for illustration.Hostgator is one of leading hosting provider. Get your domain name and hosting account before starting the installation. If you are a beginner in Blogging, I would suggest you read this post which explains about Hostgator shared hosting plan.

Login to hosting account. Hostgator is having easy to use control panel. Navigate to Manage Orders-List/Search Orders. It shows all your purchased product. You may have Multi Domain Linux Hosting or Single Domain Linux Hosting. Click on the respective link to navigate to cPanel.

Click on Manage Web Hosting. You will land up on cPanel DashBoard.hostgator-domain-linux-hosting

Below image shows Softculous panel. You can clearly see the installation scripts supported by Softaculous. It provides installation scripts for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Locate WordPress installer and click Install.


Enter all the necessary details like Protocol, Domain, directory and other information. Leave directory as null if you want to install WordPress on the main domain and not on sub-directory. Username defaults to Admin.

Note: Username in WordPress should never be Admin.

Change Username. Make sure, it is difficult to guess for security reasons. WordPress is widely used publishing software for millions of website. WordPress sites are mostly attacked, so make username and password difficult to guess and don’t share with anyone.

You should always use security plugin like Wordfence, Sucurri, etc.


Click on Install Button. Softaculous will start the installation using the entered information.


Post completion of installation, it shows the summary of installation like URL and Admin URL.


That’s it…!!!

Isn’t it easy to install WordPress using Softaculos?

Please let me know if you found this article helpful in the comments section below.


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