How to Install Steam on Ubuntu Linux Distros

Steam in gaming client available for Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating system. You can play, create games, and also connect with other people, join groups, chat through the community. The Steam Controller and the VR technologies that power the HTC Vive make gaming even better on the PC better. There are nearly 30000 games and you can also release your game using Steamworks.


  • Steam Chat
  • Game Hubs
  • Steam Broadcast
  • Steam Workshop
  • Available on Mobile
  • Early access to games
  • Multilingual
  • Controller support
  • Easy to purchase games

Installing Steam on Ubuntu Linux

There are multiple ways to install Steam on Ubuntu Linux. You can use the .deb package provided by Steam Team for Ubuntu, Linux Mint or any other Debian based Linux distro or use apt command to install from the multiverse repository.

The graphical method should be easy for the new Linux user and that is also covered below. You should use either method which is comfortable for you.

Install Steam from Terminal

Login to Ubuntu with sudo privileges and open the terminal window by pressing CTRL + ALT + T key. Run the below commands in sequence to complete the installation.

1. Enable the multiverse repository if not enabled before.

$ sudo add-apt-repository multiverse

2. Update package index

$ sudo apt update

3. Install using the command given below

$ sudo apt install steam

4. Type steam on the terminal prompt to launch it.

$ steam

Install using Ubuntu software

Go to Applications and Open Ubuntu Software. Search for Steam installer and click on Install Button. Enter the password to continue the installation.

The installation completes within seconds and you are prompted with a window from where you can launch the steam application.

The first thing, that steam does it to update itself.

The update is big. So be patient if you do not have a fast internet connection.



Steam makes installing, playing games on Linux ease. Go ahead, install, and enjoy your favorite game…

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