Input text in regional language Using Google Input Method Editor(IME)

English is primary language while working on Computers, Software, etc. Keyboards are also mostly in English, except in some of the countries like Japan, China. These countries use their own language keyboards.

What if you want to write in Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Chines, Russian, Spanish or any other regional language, without changing the keyboard hardware? Practically, it is not possible to create that many layouts for Keyboard hardware for each regional language.

In this article, I will cover Google Input Tool (IME) to input data in native language i.e language other than English. I used this method while working on competitive examination software using Oracle Apex. It was in the Marathi Language.

Google Input Method Editor

Google Input Method Editor is a typing tool. You can use this tool to easily write text in regional or any other supported language. It is very easy to use and use phonetic mean. That means you can write letters/words in English in typical regional format and this tool will convert in the respective native script word.

No need to learn keyboard layout…..!!!

Try Google IME

Do you want to see how it works and how to use before installing? Just open Google IME Try to test it out. You can choose any language you want. Below image show languages supported by IME. You have a good number of options.

Google IME language supported

Let’s choose native script as Marathi. Open Google IME Try. Select Marathi language from the drop-down. Choose Devanagari Phonetic from the drop down and start typing.

I want to write “How are you?”. This is the way I will write it in a Phonetic form “Tu Kasa aahes ?”. IME converts it in native format as shown below.

तू कसा आहेस ?

Sounds easy right.. !!! So go ahead, install and give a try. Check below screenshot for details.

Google IME Try


That’s it. It is too easy to write in regional language using GOOGLE IME.

Google IME Chrome Extension

This tool is also available as Chrome Extension. You need to install it in your chrome browser. Open Chrome Extension and just click on Add to Chrome button. It opens up a popup asking to add Google Input Tools. Click on Add Extension.

google IME chrome extension

Download and Install Google IME

Download GOOGLE IME and follow below steps to install it.

Choose language and accept TOS and click on Download.

download google ime

Click on the downloaded .exe file. This is not the offline installer. You need to connect internet as it downloads in real time as shown.

Google IME downloading

It shows installation complete message when done.

google ime installation complete







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