frmcmp_batch or is a UNIX level utility available in Oracle Apps to compile custom form(.fmb) and libraries(.pll).


frmcmp Module= Userid=<userid/password> [Parameters]

Optional parameters are (default values given):

Parameter Description
Module_Type=FORM Module type (FORM, MENU, LIBRARY).
Statistics=NO Show statistics.
Logon=YES Logon to database.
Batch=NO Don’t display messages on the screen.
Output_File=<file> Write output to file.
Script=NO Write script file.
Parse=NO Parse script file.
Upgrade=NO Upgrade module to current version.
Upgrade_Roles=NO Upgrade SQL*Menu 5.0 role information.
Version=45 Version to upgrade (23, 30, 40, 45, or menu 50).
Crt_File=<crt file> CRT file for version 2.x form upgrade.
Build=Yes Build a runform/runmenu file when upgrading.
Add_Triggers=NO Add KEY-UP/DOWN triggers during upgrade.
Nofail=NO Add NOFAIL keyword to trigger steps.
Debug=NO Build/Run with debug information.
Compile_All=NO Compile all PL/SQL code.
Strip_Source=NO Strip pl/sql source code from library.
Window_State=Normal Root window state: (Normal, Maximize, Minimize.)
Help=NO Show this help information.
Options_Screen=NO Display Options window (on bitmap only).
Widen_Fields=NO Add one character to display width.
Print_Version=NO Print version used to save module.
Forms_Doc=NO Print Forms Doc report.

Steps to compile custom form

1. Login to UNIX Application Server using Putty or any other SSH client
2. Set the environment variable using .env script (EBSapps.env)
3. sftp custom form file from a source location to $AU_TOP/forms/US. If you do not have access to $AU_TOP, move it to respective custom top like $XXONT_TOP/forms/US
4. Set FORMS_PATH variable to below if not already set.
5. Execute command
frmcmp_batch custom_form.fmb apps/$apps_password


  1. TEMPLATE.fmb is a starting point for any custom form. These forms refer many other modules like APPSTAND.fmb and pll libraries. frmcmp_batch by default check current path or path set in FORMS_PATH variable for all dependent object. If you are compiling form at $AU_TOP/forms/US and moving *.fmb to the respective custom top. No need to setup $FORMS_PATH.


How to Compile custom Oracle forms (fmb) and libraries(PLL)


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