How to build WordPress Blog or Website

Do you want to start WordPress blog?. It is not a rocket science. Follow this article and BLOG to successfully build WordPress site – your online identity and brand…!!!

Content is King. You need content to start a Blog or Website. Make sure content is creative, easy to understand and adds value to readers. You can create a blog on anything. Choose any which suits you and you are comfortable in writing about.

Some common blog topics,

  1. Reviews of Automobiles, electronics items like smartphone, washing machine, laptops, games, cosmetics, etc
  2. Technical Blog, Technical Tips and Tricks, Tutorials
  3. Real Estate, Personal Finance, Insurance Advice
  4. DIY guide.
  5. Cookery, Gardening, Farming


Make up your mind

This is the most important step. We keep thinking a lot for trying something different. I have also wasted more than 6 months to just make up a mind to start a blog. Don’t waste time. We keep thinking about success and failure and mostly about failure. Fear of failure keeps us away from Success. So make up your mind and just start….

Point to remember consistency is most important here. People start with great energy but lost in between. A successful blog requires patience, dedication and good learning skills.

Identify a Good Topic

Choose a topic which interests you and adds value to the user. There might be another blog on the same topic, so what.. it should not stop you writing about the same topic. You may be more creative and good writer and may write better than those. Try writing sample at least 10 to 15 document on the same topic. Use the internet and other sources for research, but do not copy someone else content.

Get Domain and Hosting

Domain – You have a name to uniquely identify yourself, similarly website have unique name e.g Depending on your topic identify a good domain name for your blog or website. This is a little bit tricky. Domain buying and selling is business. some people block good domain name and demand premium price for it. It is difficult for a beginner to offer that price. You can visit leandomainsearch to check the domain name which suits your topic. It suggests a combination of names which you can use for your blog.

Hosting – It is basically a space on a server to hold files for your blog or website. Do a research and get a good economical hosting plan. As a beginner, I would recommend going for a shared hosting plan.

Below is the list of the domain name and hosting providers.

  1. Hostgator
  2. Google
  3. Godaddy
  4. Bigrock
  5. Bluehost

Either of the hosts is fine, all of them offers good features. These providers run promotion and discounts throughout the year or get domain using some Blogger’s coupon code. You will get discount and coupon owner get a small commission. Nothing from your pocket. It is a win-win situation for both.

So just click above links and search which one is offering a good deal and get it.

Install WordPress

WordPress is Content Management System (CMS). It is easy to learn and available free. WordPress powers 27% of websites in the world. Without writing a single line of code, you can design a stunning website which is secure, feature rich. WordPress provides a good number of themes and plugins to extend the functionality of core software.

Generally, all hosting providers provide one-click installation of WordPress e.g Hostgator provides sofatculous.

Refer WordPress installation – step by step guide to quickly setup WordPress.

Install Necessary Themes and Plugins

Post installation of the WordPress, you must install necessary recommenced themes and plugins. Themes basically control look and feel of your website and plugins extend the functionality of WordPress. Plugin can even turn your website a fully e-commerce site.

Check below articles for details,

Refer WordPress for free themes and plugins.


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