How to Backup Blog using Updraftplus and Google Drive

Updraftplus is WordPress plugin which helps you easily backup your blog. I hope you back up your WordPress Website or Blog regularly? No, then you are doing a mistake and at a big risk.

Why should you backup your Website or Blog?

Some of the reasons to backup Website I could list are,

  • Hosting Service Failure – Entire site data is stored on physical hardware like servers, storage devices. These server use operating systems like Windows Server, Linux. Professional people back these servers, still, anything can go wrong with it as well like hardware failure, Software malfunction.
  • Hacking – Hackers are Burglar in the online world. They try to intrude you web host account or site.
  • Dodgy updates or simple user error can ruin your precious Blog.

Entire website data may get wiped out because of these threats. Blog articles are most important part of your blog. You have put tremendous hard work for years to make it a success.

Imagine if anything goes wrong with it and you lost all articles?  You are out of business. If your blog is main earning source, then you are bankrupt overnight.

Will you let it happen with your Blog?

No, right….!!!. So back up your Blog regularly.

It is not a great science in WordPress world, there are a good number of plugins available to do backup WordPress sites. Backup plugins are second most important plugin after Security. These are like insurance for unknown disaster as mentioned earlier.

How Backup Plugin Works?

These plugins make a copy of your entire website in a file system on the same or remote server. It backs up everything like database, plugins, images. It also helps to restore your site with some clicks and bring you back in business again with less disruption.

Below are some good backup plugins which you can use.

These plugins offer good features. There are both free as well as premium versions available.

In this article, I will explain how to Automate blog backups using Updraftplus and Google Drive.

Updraftplus Backup Plugin


Updraftplus is highest-rated and most installed WordPress backup plugin. It supports cloud backup at a remote location on Dropbox, Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, Google Drive, Updrfatplus Value, etc. You can backup manually or just schedule it and forget. It backs up your Website at the specified location and informs you over email.

Sounds great .. right?

Let’ see how to install the Updraftplus plugin.

Installation of Updraftplus

Updraftplus is a plugin. Follow below steps to install,

  1. Log in to WordPress as Admin user
  2. Navigate to Plugins –> Add New
  3. Search Updraftplus in Search Console
  4. Locate UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin and click on Install Now
  5. Activate the Plugin

You can refer this article for step by step installation of a plugin.

Updraftplus Configuration

Navigate to Settings -> Updraftplus Backups -> Settings and select Google Drive as a remote storage option. Note down Authorized Redirect URI. This URI you need to set up in Google drive.


You can select which files to include in back like Plugins, Themes, Uploads and any other directories you want to backup. You can also specify what to exclude. Let it be default as shown below.


Now let’s go to Google Drive to configure the storage project and necessary parameters.

Google Drive

Google Drive is storage solution by Google. It offers 15 GB of free online storage. You can keep photos, documents, videos and anything. You can view your files on smartphone, tablet or computers and also share it with your friends. Free space is limited to 15 GB, but if you need additional space, you can go for paid plans.

15GB space on Google Drive should be enough for new Blogger in beginning.

Google offers single sign-on for all of its services. If you are already using Gmail service, you can directly use google drive service without any additional registration. If you do not have a Google account, go ahead and create it using this link. It is free…..!!!

Login to Google Drive using your google account. You can create New Folder, Search file. Backup data will be stored. Google API in main communication mechanism with Google Drive.

Enable Google API to access file on google drive

Login to Google API console using same google account. You will land on Google API project dashboard.  Click on Project -> Create project


Enter the project name and select options to receive email and terms and conditions. It will create a new project and it will be visible on the dashboard.


Select the project and click on Enable API to use Google API with this project. You can also go to Library and select Drive API.


Google Drive API allows you to access user data with OAuth 2.0. We are going to use this. It also supports server to server interaction. Let’s enable it.


You need to create credentials to use the API. Click on Create credentials.


Google API can tell you what credential is required. Select Web Browser(Javascript), User Data and click on What credentials do I need?


Enter Name, Authorized JavaScript options and Authorised redirect URIs and Create Client ID. You are creating your site as a client which can call this API to use Google Drive.


Next, create consent screen. Enter information like Product name and Homepage URL, etc.


Google API generates a unique client ID. Click on Download button. It downloads a JSON file with all information like Client ID, Secret Key, etc


Google API and Drive setup are done.


You need to copy all this information in the Updrafrplus admin page. Go to Updraftplus enter Google Drive Client ID, Google Drive Client Secret. You can also change the folder name, but you need premium version and save.


You also need to authenticate with your Google account. Click on the link shown in popup below.


You need to log in using same google account. Click on Allow Button.


The entire set is complete now. Lets Backup Now.


Login to Google Drive. You can see folder Updraftplus with website backup.


UpdraftPlus is the highest-ranking and easy to setup backup plugin. With Google Drive, you can easily backup website data up to 15 GB free.

I hope you found this article on Updraftplus and using it to backup blog Google Drive helpful. So go ahead and backup your site today and do share this article with your friends.

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